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What are the USES of stainless steel u-shaped tubes?

2020-08-19 18:35

What is the use of stainless steel U pipe:

1. The stainless steel U-tube is a drying device chemically and a connecting device physically

2. Stainless steel U-tubes can be used to dry gases and collect low-boiling liquids.Into the desiccant in the u-shaped stainless steel tube, through the gas can be dry, in addition, in the u-shaped stainless steel tube into the anhydrous CuSO4 of white powder, can be through the operation of the gas to test whether there is water, anhydrous cupric sulfate is not stable, easy water absorption, and the formation of a stable five copper sulfate hydrate CuSO4 · 5 h2o, appear blue, by color change can prove that the gas contains water vapor, the sensitive reaction quickly.A wider beaker is placed under the u-tube. A mixture of ice water or ice salts is filled in the beaker to cool the vapor of some of the low-boiling liquids, causing them to liquorize and collect. So the U-tube can be used for cooling to collect some of the low-boiling liquids, such as SO3, NO2, C2H5OC2H5, etc

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