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What are the heat dissipation ways of stainless steel heat exchanger tube?

2020-08-19 18:38

What are the heat dissipation ways of stainless steel heat exchanger tube?Stainless steel heat exchanger tube is one of the components of heat exchanger, which is placed in the tube for heat exchange between two media.In our life is also common, but many users are not very familiar with the stainless steel heat exchanger tube.Today xiaobian for you to talk about the stainless steel heat exchanger tube heat dissipation, I hope to help you.

The essence of heat dissipation of stainless steel heat exchanger tube is heat transfer, and there are three ways of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.

1. Convection means that the warmer and cooler parts of the gas or liquid can homogenize the temperature through circulation. The flow of the gas driven by the fan in the air conditioning condenser also belongs to the "forced thermal convection" cooling mode.

2. Radiation, as the name suggests, is the direct emission of heat energy from the heat source to the outside. This process is related to the color, material and temperature of the heat source surface.

3. Conduction is the direct contact and collision between particles with lower energy and particles with higher energy to transfer energy. Heat transfer between air-conditioning refrigerant and heat dissipation fins is mainly in this way, which is also a common way of heat transfer.

These three ways of heat dissipation are not isolated, in the daily heat transfer, these three ways of heat dissipation are simultaneous, play a role.

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